These Connected Electric Bicycles are set to run on Singapore’s roads by 2017

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Article Source Mashable

SINGAPORE — By next year, Singapore will get a new mode of transport for short distances — bicycle-sharing.

Mobike, a bicycle-sharing startup from China, has announced it’s expanded into the island state, and is keen to start distributing its electric bikes here.

Like projects such as Citi Bike, Mobike’s bicycles are meant to be booked and ridden for short distances. Another user picks up the bike after you’re done.

But unlike Citi Bike, these bicycles are station-free. They’re locked with a connected bike lock that you activate by scanning a QR code, and you lock it back when you’re done with the ride — you just leave them on the corner of a street and walk away. Continue reading

Can An Electric Motorcycle Win Straight Rhythm?


Article Source Redbull

Today could very well be a glimpse at the future of motocross. Today at Red Bull Straight Rhythm, an electric dirt bike will be raced in professional competition. Alta Motors is set to debut their groundbreaking Alta Redshift MX under the capable hands of former Supercross pro Josh Hill. The brand’s entry is a huge question mark coming into the race this year. Can an electric bike compete against standard factory-level motocross bikes?

Josh Hill is a phenomenal Supercross rider. He has won on the sport’s highest stage, and during his tenure as a professional mixed it up with Ryan Dungey, James Stewart, and the rest of moto’s elite. His riding the Alta Redshift MX is a huge play for the unproven machine, because if anyone can excel at Straight Rhythm on that motorcycle, it’s Hill. Continue reading

High-Speed Classroom: Building an Electric Racing Motorcycle


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Ohio State University’s Buckeye Current Electric Motorcycle Team is no ordinary after school club. Unless, of course, your version of ordinary includes breaking land speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats and taking home racing trophies from the Isle of Man. In about six years, this all-student team has gone from cobbling motorcycles together from whatever they had on hand to competing against professional motorcycle racing teams on some of the world’s toughest courses.

The challenge of building an entirely new electric motorcycle from scratch has turned out to be a fantastic testing ground for these soon-to-be minted electrical engineers. Continue reading

These New E-Bikes Can Take You 150 Miles On a Single Charge

Article Source Futurism

Tesla and electric vehicles are certainly the most popular in terms of transport options that run on electricity, but they are far from the only options available. Everything from electric motorcycles to electric trikes are on the market and are only getting better, faster, and more energy efficient.

One such e-bike has recently been unveiled. Rimac, an automobile manufacturer out of Croatia, has announced the latest iteration of its “Greyp” electric bikes, the G12H, which boasts the longest range for any e-bike. Continue reading

First National Race Victory For Alta Electric Motorcycle


Article Source Motorcyclistonline

On September 24th in Scottsdale, Arizona, Alta Motors earned their first national race victory with Kurt Nicoll at Round 4 of the EnduroCross series in the vet class. The win is a first for Alta on the national level, and the first for an electric motorcycle in the EnduroCross series. Continue reading

Now Presenting, The World’s First 3D Printed Electric Motorcycle


Article Source ECNMAG

APWorks, whose parent company is Airbus, is set up to develop additive manufacturing techniques – especially metallic 3D printing – for the supply chains of Airbus’ main businesses.

Occasionally, however, APWorks releases independent products that have been developed through their manufacturing work for Airbus.

The latest release? The world’s first 3D printed electric motorcycle: Continue reading

Recall News: Zero Electric Motorcycles Recalled For Defective Power Converter


Article Source Motor Cyclist Online

THE RECALL: Zero Motorcycles Inc. (Zero) is recalling certain model-year 2015 SR, S, DS, and FX motorcycles (see models below). The affected motorcycles have a DC-DC converter that may have insufficient output power. During high power demand, the anti-lock brake system (ABS) may not function properly.

WHAT COULD HAPPEN: If the converter power output is insufficient, during an ABS activated event, the ABS and all vehicle lights would temporarily stop functioning, increasing the risk of a crash.

THE FIX: Zero has notified owners, and dealers will inspect the DC-DC converters, replacing ones of a specific type as necessary, free of charge. The recall began on September 16, 2016. Owners may contact Zero customer service at 1-888-841-8085. Zero’s number for this recall is SV-ZMC-016-356.

Article Source Motor Cyclist Online

Ferrari Designers Create an Electric Bike


Article Source Architectural Digest

Founded in 1930, the Italian design firm Pininfarina has built a reputation for excellence with its iconic car designs for Ferrari, including the record-breaking 250 GT and the era-defining Testarossa. Now, the company has turned its attention to the ever-growing world of electric bikes and recently debuted its first-ever design, the E-voluzione, at the annual Eurobike show in Germany. Pininfarina’s model has all the vital components of an electric bike—frame, battery, motor, lighting—with a sleek aesthetic that comes from decades of crafting beautifully aerodynamic vehicles.

The E-voluzione was built with a carbon frame and weighs in at just 35 pounds, making it lighter than other popular electric bikes, such as the Prodeco V3 Phantom (58 pounds) and the Pedego City Commuter Classic (51 pounds). The E-voluzione will be sold in three styles—a cruiser, a mid-level performance model, and a sporty version—but prices have not yet been released. Continue reading

Taupo Students Build Electric Bike for EVolocity Waikato


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A movie inspired the electric bike a group of students from Tauhara College, Taupo, are building.

“I was watching The World’s Fastest Indian, and I thought, why don’t we do that?” one of the students, Denis Mansell, said.

“It’s all about aerodynamics and having a low centre of gravity. You’ll see some bikes are quite high, so the lower you are, the harder you can turn corners. It’s all physics talk.”

Year 13 students Mansell and Joshua Love-Parata and five others from their school are taking part in EVolocity Waikato.

Continue reading

Outrider: Bike Adventure For Differently-Abled


Article Source Gear Junkie

The Outrider Horizon is a new kind of electric vehicle. Designed by Christopher J. Wenner, an adventurer who was paralyzed in an accident at the age of 17, the bike raised $126,000 when it launched on Kickstarter in 2014.

Today, the brand makes the trikes for adventurous folks who need or want a little help on the singletrack.

Outrider Horizon: A Rowdy Test Ride

I wondered if the Horizon really could handle off-road terrain, so I nestled into one myself to find out. I pulled down my full-face helmet and sank into the seat along the base of the mountain at Copper Mountain, Colo.

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